Monday, 28 July 2014

Wake up and smell!

We're sorry. Really sorry. Begging your pardon.

Last week some Garden Friends took a very hot day off work and volunteered their time and labour to go across town to the King's Cross area to tackle a mountain of compost, shovel it into bags, rent a van, haul it back and dig it into the gravelly soil to feed the plants in all 60 tree pit gardens on Fordwych and St Cuthberts Roads that we're trying to establish to cheer up this sad neighbourhood, take our minds off the traffic, graffiti, litter, vandalism, cigarette butts, dog poo, pavement dumping, slicks of deliberately spilled antifreeze in the street being slurped up by the birds, and neighbours who are unlikely to spare a smile or nod let alone a dime.

project avatar

This is free-to-collect sterile compost from EcoPark, the company that converts all you recycled green garden and kitchen waste into rich, reusable and free compost that goes back into the community for gardening. Think cycle of life.

But horror upon horrors, it's not odour-free. Smells lightly of the countryside. Smells like the cycle of life, for a while until it too blends in and provides the nutrients to create new life in our neighbourhood. Seems it got right up some people's upturned noses.

Sorry for that. We should have factored the human factor into the equation.

Keep calm and carry on odourless gardening!

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