Friday, 11 July 2014

Thanks to 'The Winch' for our new greenhouse

Hi everyone,

Garden Friends NW2 relies completely on donations, volunteerism, and good will from the neighbourhood to start up and sustain our gardening projects in the tree pits and communal garden in the Fordwych Road area. So when The Winchester Project in Swiss Cottage offered to donate a greenhouse/garden shed to us, we were thrilled.

 Now we can propagate our own cuttings and seedlings year-round at great cost savings before we put them out into the tree pits and in the communal garden for everyone to enjoy (and hopefully take care of).

So thanks to The Winch, and best wishes for your continued and dedicated success in your mission:

 "to build authentic and lasting relationships with children and young people, to offer a safe space in which they experience an extended family, to invite them into community with each other and wider society and to provide opportunities of challenge, excitement and possibility which call them into exploring and fulfilling their potential."

Keep calm and carry on building authentic and lasting relationships with everyone through gardening!

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