Tuesday, 30 July 2013

These boots aren't made for walkin'

So, what to do with a row of ugly electrical boxes stuck on your front wall? Garden Friends NW2 spotted this transformation recently in our neighbourhood and thought it was brilliant!

But when the house occupants were asked about it (it's a large conversion made into student rooms and small studios mostly), they said they had no idea where the lovely planted boots and shoes came from - they just mysteriously appeared one morning. Apparently a gift to them and the community from some generous guerrilla gardeners to put a smile on weary faces and say 'welcome' to our neighbourhood. 

It looks like a great idea to recycle old boots and shoes into planters to brighten up drab areas. Hopefully we'll be seeing more creative ideas like this in more front gardens around Fordwych Road.

Keep calm and carry on gardening (and check your closet for old shoes and boots and have some fun)!

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