Friday, 12 July 2013

Give us your old recycle boxes!


Hi to all neighbours in Fordwych Road/St Cuthbert's area!

Garden Friends NW2 will soon be knocking on your door and asking you to donate your old recycling boxes now that the Council has recently delivered their new recycling wheelie bins. These old recycling boxes make excellent planters for fruit, veg and flowers and can find a new life as an attractive alternative to a stack of old, unused plastic recycle boxes in front gardens. See below for the first couple that have been planted up!

The idea came to us compliments of Naomi Schillinger who recently spoke to Garden Friends NW2 and shared this idea as one being used by our green up and clean up neighbours in Islington where it is helping transform dull and grey streets into vibrant and green neighbourhoods.

It's simple really - when we stop by or leave a leaflet, just let Garden Friends NW2 know that you are willing to donate your old recycle boxes. We'll collect them and use them to grow seeds and seedlings to brighten up our area. And if you wish to brighten up your own front garden, we'll be happy to return your box, complete with compost and some veg or fruit or flowers to get you started in our community gardening initiative.

We'll be in contact soon, so have those boxes ready for collection. And of course if you have the time and interest to be actively involved in helping us collect, sort or plant the recycle boxes, give us a reply here or email us at The plants are growing and so is community spirit along Fordwych Road! So keep calm and carry on gardening.


  1. What a great idea! I've already donated mine and hope other neighbours on Fordwych/St Cuthberts will do likewise.

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  3. Are you the lovely people that are planting flowers around the trees on fordwych rd?

    Secret Garden Club