Sunday, 7 July 2013

Garden Friends NW2 to Host Community Gardening Royaly

Hi Garden Friends,

Well, in our book, she's community gardening royalty! Mark your diaries as Naomi Schillinger, gardener, photographer, blogger and now author extraordinaire will be giving a talk on 'Community Gardening - Getting it Growing' on Thursday evening, 11th July from 7 - 7:30 pm. It's scheduled to be held at St Cuthbert's church on Fordwych Road just at the intersection with St Cuthbert's Road.

Naomi has just published 'Veg Street' based on her experience of starting up a London community gardening project designed to not only produce 'produce' but to also knit communities together in the process. (I think you know where we're going with this :)

Everyone is welcome so do come along if you are already involved in our Adopt a Tree initiative on Fordwych Road or otherwise interested in what Garden Friends NW2 is hoping to do for the community via gardening. Following Naomi's talk, we'll have a short get-together over refreshments to discuss where we're at currently and what the next steps might be. Your input and support will be greatly appreciated!

Hope to see you there!

Naomi with Terenzo tomatoes

The above photos come from Naomi's blogsite:

So, last evening we had a truly wonderful talk and slide show by Naomi Schillinger. author of 'Veg Street' and main instigator of the highly successful community gardening project in Islington. Thanks so much Naomi, for sharing your time, lots of useful and practical information for our start-up activities, and also for the positive and upbeat inspiration and encouragement. It's so helpful to hear that small local projects can indeed be sustainable once the community gets involved. And that local Councils can indeed be supportive and resourceful partners in guerrilla gardening green up and clean up campaigns once they see the real benefits economically and socially to residents and neighbourhoods and local authorities alike. Everyone who attended came away renewed and refreshed and armed with lots of new ideas for our next steps here at Garden Friends NW2! So, 'watch this space'!

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