Saturday, 24 August 2013

What part of 'No Dumping' don't you understand?

One of the reasons many neighbourhood residents tell us that they like and appreciate the tree pit plantings along Fordwych Road is that they prefer the beauty of nature around the trees to the flytipping and dumping that blights our streets in this part of London.

And yet the illegal and unsightly and yes, costly rubbish dumping continues.

Some of this behaviour is the result of just not knowing that leaving things on the pavement or street is illegal and unwelcome by neighbours.

Whilst in other cases, it's a matter of antisocial behaviour that selfishly proclaims that individuals can do whatever they want (usually under the clandestine cloak of darkness though), neighbours be damned and the Council will clean it up free of charge.

Garden Friends NW2 encourages our neighbours to 'be neighbourly'. And not dumping or flytipping along our neighbourhood streets, especially against our beautiful trees is a pledge that we believe everyone should take seriously. 

And we believe Camden Council should take their responsibilities, as proclaimed on their signage on Fordwych Road, seriously too. 

Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend and keep calm and carry on gardening!

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