Saturday, 17 August 2013

On becoming a Green Camden zone

                                                       Green Camden

Garden Friends NW2 has become the latest Green Camden zone. According to Camden Council's Environmental Services website: 'The Green Camden zones programme is here to help you take action in your community. It is tailored to your needs giving you the support, resources and materials to green your local area.'

And that's just what we're doing with our Fordwych/St Cuthberts Road 'Green-up & Clean-up' initiative as well as our St Cuthbert's community gardening project.

Whilst Camden Council provides the support and framework for its Green Camden zone scheme, 'all activities are chosen and lead by passionate residents in the community who are keen on helping their neighbours and local area be greener.'

And that's us as well. Garden Friends NW2 continues to attract and include passionate residents in our neighbourhood who really care about the environment and their neighbours. That's why we volunteer our time to plant the tree pits, remove the graffiti and litter, prepare for the community garden project, maintain the herb corner, and assist and encourage residents to clean up and green up their front gardens.

So we're happy to be named the latest Green Camden zone and hope you are too. Like Fordwych itself, it's a long road to travel, but we're getting there. So please do your bit as a resident as well. Every small contribution helps whether it's picking up after your dog on a walk looking at the flowers, planting or watering a tree pit, greening or cleaning up that front garden, not flytipping or dumping on the pavement or against the trees, or picking up and binning that piece of litter that everyone else just walks past.

To find out more about Green Camden zones, click here.

To view Garden Friends NW2 and the other Green Camden zones on their interactive map, click here.

Keep calm and carry on gardening!

                                                     Green Camden

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