Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Garden Friends support inaugural community concert series

Hi everyone,

Garden Friends NW2 is all about gardening and sense of community in our neighbourhood. So to this end we have happily supported the inauguration of a community concert series to be held at the wonderfully situated and acoustically superb St Cuthbert's church.

The first concert was successfully held on 27th September and drew a capacity crowd of over 130 appreciative people from our neighbourhood and beyond.

Garden Friends also had at attractive and informative table display during the interval that attracted a lot of interest and some additional subscriptions as well!

In fact, the wonderful grand piano newly acquired by St Cuthbert's to support the concert series came about because of the informal conversations occurring around the tree pit gardens between neighbours with common interests in community-building activities. You just never know who your neighbours are and how nice they are as well until you get a chance to talk to them!

Garden Friends will let you know when our next FREE community concert at St Cuthbert's is going to be held here on our blog.

Keep calm and carry on gardening and concerting to enrich and enliven our neighbourhood!

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