Monday, 26 May 2014

Tree pit gardening - volunteers needed!

Hello neighbours,

Now that the danger of frost has passed (that's our story and we're sticking to it!), it's time to freshen up the lovely tree pit gardens along Fordwych Road and beyond.

Why not join Garden Friends NW2 and adopt a tree pit near your home? Over the next few weekends we'll be volunteering to collect free compost from the EcoPark Compost Hub near Kings Cross and spreading it around all the 50 or so lovely trees on St Cuthbert's and Fordwych Roads between Maygrove and Mill Lane. 

And Garden Friends NW2 have been propagating hundreds and hundreds of seedlings and plant plugs that will soon be ready to put into the tree pits.

With the hope that even more neighbours will join in and adopt a tree pit near their home to help tend and water and protect our precious neighbourhood community gardens as part of our street life.

So email us at if you want to find out more or are interested in being part of our 'growing' group that aims to give some small pleasure to everyone who uses our streets.

Keep calm and carry on gardening (in a tree pit near you)!

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