Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Come one, come all to our April Gardening Day!

Hi Garden Friends,

So Spring has sprung and now it's time for Garden Friends NW2 to spring into action!

All are welcome (and indeed needed) for a gardening day this Saturday 26th April. 

There will be people around from 10 am to late afternoon, so if you can come by for any part of that time, even a short bit, you are most welcome.

There will be English roses to be planted in half-barrel containers There will be trees and strawberries to be planted in the woodland area. There will be mats of wildflowers to be planted in front of the woodland area. There will be seedlings to be planted in pots and the raised beds. There will be watering of the raised beds and fruit trees to do along with some tending to these areas. Plans will need to be made for constructing the garden shed graciously donated to us by The Winch Project.Plans will need to be made for another trip to the Eco Hub near King's Cross for more free compost. Plans will need to be made for our Spring Relaunch of the Fordwych Road tree pit gardens. There will be soup and bread and tea and cakes that need to be eaten and friendly soul-warming chats to be had with each other. Yes, Garden Friends, spring gardening beckons!

So we hope to see you sometime on Saturday at St Cuthbert's Garden behind St Cuthbert's Church at the intersection of Fordwych & St Cuthberts Roads. Bring a friend, bring a neighbour, bring a stranger, bring an enemy, all are welcome!

Keep calm and carry on gardening!

Garden Friends NW2

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