Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Coming to a tree pit near you!

Hello Garden Friends, 

Recently we've been informed that Colleen O'Sullivan, Arboricultural Officer for Camden, has carried out an inspection of trees in this area, and a number of trees on Fordwych Road are now scheduled for removal this winter. 

One of the trees set to be taken down is outside Kids Company at 85-87 Fordwych Road. Kids Co have done a lovely planting in the tree pit, so we are sorry to see the tree go. But the Council says that there will be replanting, so hopefully Kids Co will have a new tree to welcome to the neighbourhood with more of their lovely plants and flowers. 

The photo above was taken of one large Plane tree already removed near the junction of Fordwych Road and Mill Lane last week due to decay.

Below is a list of the Fordwych Road trees affected and the reason for their planned removal. Sad to see them go, of course, but such is the cycle of gardening, and we look forward to new replacement trees next year in these tree pits along with welcoming flowers for them.

Keep calm and carry on gardening!

Street name
Tree species
Reason for removal

Fordwych Road (outside 188)
Cockspur thorn
Basal decay
Fordwych Road (outside 137)
Purple cherry
Damaged crown
Fordwych Road (outside 79)
London Plane
Basal decay
Fordwych Road (outside 85-87)
London Plane
Basal decay
Fordwych Road (outside 89)
London Plane
Basal decay
Fordwych Road (jct Minster Road)
Basal decay

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