Thursday, 27 June 2013

Serious Search for Intelligent Gardening Life in London

Hi Garden Friends,

Are we alone in our quest for transforming our neighbourhood with community gardening projects? Surely we can't be the only Goldilocks 'plant-it' in the London universe trying to sustain carbon-based life forms by encouraging planting in public and private spaces.

So here's a space for all you amateur and professional Golden Starthistle gazers to report your sightings. Please share your information, websites, etc on similar programmes you have come across in the London landscape.

Just as one example, our next door neighbour, Islington Council, actively supports its residents to adopt ALL tree pits in Islington, provides free advice and seedlings, sponsors competitions and sharing of information, etc.

Click here for their website:

This photo taken from their website has the caption: 'For example, this picture of a tree pit in Rickthorne Road shows what a difference some plants can make.'

                                                              Tree pit

So every time you sight something of interest along these lines, please add it into the 'Comments' on this blog thread. Maybe we're not alone after all, and falling off the edge of flat Camden might actually allow us to discover some very interesting new worlds out there!


    inventive ideas and if you don't have a garden space - advice for tiny balcony garden and even tinier window sill gardens!
    and what to do with your spare produce once you have a glut...
    Anyone local have a honey glut, jam glut or egg glut?
    What surprise gluts lurk around Fordwych Road?

    • WWOOFing (the free holiday/ farm work)
    • the hackney tree musketeers (still not really sure what these guys are up to but its a good name)
    • a city farm someone told me about
    • some friends of friends have started their own small urban farm at ucl
    • urban farm network
    • alys fowler, writer and thinker