Monday, 30 June 2014

Some graffiti is art

Hi everyone,

Some graffiti is art, enhancing public sensibilities and adding beauty to public spaces, 
such as this one by Banksy and the murals around Kilburn Station.

Some graffiti is not art but rather self-indulgent, adding little if anything to public spaces such as this tagging on a light post along Fordwych Road.

Now you see it....

Now you don't.

Don't just walk by. Get involved in whatever small or medium or big way you can. 
Ask Garden Friends NW2 how you can help.

Keep calm and carry on greening-up and cleaning-up our neighbourhood!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Tree Pits News


Hi neighbours. You may have noticed that Garden Friends NW2 have been planting up the tree pits along Fordwych Road and starting into St Cuthberts for everyone to enjoy and brighten up our neighbourhood. 

This is entirely a volunteer initiative to ‘green-up and clean-up’ our community for all so we hope you will enjoy this small way to feel proud of our street.

There are almost 60 tree pits in our neighbourhood and that’s a lot! We need your help, please.

Here are some small ways that you could make a big difference:
  • ·        Water the plants in a tree pit near you regularly.
  • ·        Add to the basic plantings by transplanting from your own garden or spread some seeds or buy a small plant on sale from a garden centre and plunk it into a tree pit near you.
  • ·        Add something else to personalise your tree pit. We’re planting up old shoes and boots and broken pottery shards and putting them in tree pits to make them more interesting.
  • ·        Clear the tree pits of any litter or dumping that might be left there.

Thanks for caring about our neighbourhood and helping out in our ‘green-up and clean-up’ initiative by caring for our lovely trees and tree-pit gardens.

For more information, please check out:

Or email

Keep calm and carry on gardening!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

What part of 'No Dumping' still don't you understand?

Dear Garden Friends,

Despite the overwhelmingly positive response to our 'Green-up & clean-up' initiative along Fordwych and St Cuthberts Roads with the planting up of the tree pits, dumping and fly-tipping continues in a few hot spots.

Exhibit A: here's the current state of things outside Number 7 Fordwych Road:

And here's our response:


And you’ve been reported to the Council!

Camden Council is aware of the dumping and fly-tipping and dog-fouling problem and is stepping up its monitoring and enforcement efforts in response as you can see from this email from Bryn Griffiths:

"Thank you for contacting us regarding the problem of fly-tipping along Fordwych Road and around St Cuthberts Road. I am aware that Fordwych Road has been a problem area for waste being left on the street and I do monitor the area as frequently as I am able. I will be stepping up my efforts to educate local residents about their duties to contain their waste correctly and will be sending out letters to anyone that I find evidence against among any fly-tips found.

If you wish to contact me directly to discuss this further or to report any fly-tips you have come across in the area then please either email me at this address or call me on the numbers below (please note that the office phone number does not have a messaging service but the mobile does)."

Kind regards

Bryn Griffiths
Senior Area Monitoring Officer
Environment and Transport
Culture and Environment
London Borough of Camden

Telephone:    020 7974 3982
Mobile:           07825733289

So, rather than turning a blind eye or 'tut-tutting' about it, if you want to minimise such antisocial behaviour in our neighbourhood, please take a photo and report each and every instance of dumping and fly-tipping and dog-fouling to Bryn Griffiths at Camden Council: 

Together we can continue to make a difference to Green-up and Clean-up our neighbourhood!

Keep calm and carry on gardening!